Didim ‘Springs’ to Life

Oh My God !  The short, cold, damp winter here in Didim has suddenly come to an end.  And along with the blossom on the fruit trees, the sudden burst of colourful wild flowers along the roadside, and the influx of young, dark, handsome men from other parts of Turkey looking for seasonal work, my life seems to have sprung into overdrive too.

Rehearsals for the play ‘Someone Like You’ three times this week; an opening night for U2 Leon Bar on Thursday night; a leaving party on Friday night; new songs to learn for my Easter Friday gig at Lush Bar; the ‘Someone Like You’ performance on April 5th; two wedding invitations for the first two weeks in April; three other venues kicking off during April; preparations for my showcase evening in Didim later in the month; and all on top of trying to clean the villa so we can sell it !!

Meanwhile the whole town seems to be getting busier by the hour, and parking spots in the centre of town are already becoming increasingly difficult to find as many Turks arrive in town for the summer months.  It’s going to be impossible when the tourists also arrive.  It’s a good job I’m within walking distance of the shops, the banks and the bars :)

But hey, that’s what living in a tourist resort is all about.  And of course I love the buzz when the place gets busy and as the excitement builds towards a full calendar of gigs for the forthcoming season.

Let’s hope the local Belediye (Council) can get the beachfront finished in time for the tourists arriving and that this season can be a huge success for Didim and for me and Glen.  So looking forward to seeing many old friends and making lots of new ones !

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One Response to Didim ‘Springs’ to Life

  1. On The Ege says:

    Pffft, you think yr busy…you don’t know how lucky you are!! haha xx

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